Escape: A Mansion of Thieves

Welcome to Escape: A Mansion of Thieves.

It's all over the news. One of the biggest diamond robberies in a generation. And seemingly pulled off without a hitch. Millions of dollars worth of diamonds and rubies, there in the museum one day, and gone the next, without a trace.

Of course, thieves and diamonds can't really just vanish into thin air, can they? They have to go somewhere...

The abandoned mansion on the hill, not far from where you live, the one where the murder happened all those years ago, you know the one. You could swear you'd heard cars driving on and off the grounds in the middle of the night, their headlights off. Seen curtains twitching.

Seems as good a stash house as anywhere. And tonight, it seems, the curtains are still - have they left the post? And so off you go, walking up quietly, looking at the mansion behind the large gate. Somewhere inside the diamonds are still there, waiting for the thieves to return.

You've got to find them. Although whether to turn them in or take your cut, maybe you haven't thought that far yet...

For now, all you can do is look through the gate, gaze at the keypad ensuring it stays locked. But you do see some sort of game board setup in the gate attendant shed. You step inside and look it over. Perhaps it's a clue?


The diamonds are hidden behind a series of puzzles. You will need to solve the puzzles to figure out where in the mansion the thieves have hidden them.

There is no time limit. There used to be a leaderboard but unfortunately it was getting spammed so we had to turn it off. We expect the game will take about 90 minutes for a group of 4 people solving puzzles simultaneously.

You will want to have access to pen/pencil and paper as this will help you solve many of the puzzles and take notes. If you are using video chat for multiple people to play at once, each of you will want your own notepad. You will likely also each want to have the game open on your own computer so you can explore separately and share information.

You will also need sound on. This game is not perfectly accessible - if you have difficulty hearing, seeing, or seeing color, you may have difficulty with some of the puzzles. We apologize - you may want to play with a person who can work on these puzzles.

If you put a code in to enter a room, and you leave that room, you'll need to put the code in again to get back in. So we recommend leaving each room open in its own tab on your browser. Sometimes, if you get a code wrong and come back later, Google Forms won't start you at the beginning of the code entry form. In these cases you'll have to hit the "Back" button on Google Forms until you get to the start again, sorry about that.

Some of the puzzles will be based on the actual rules of a board game, but most will not, even if they feature a board game. We don't expect you to know any games beforehand. All the information you need about each game can be found in the library.

Each clue will only be used once. So if one puzzle gives you the code "HELLOTHERE" and you use "HELLOTHERE" to unlock a door, you will not need to use "HELLOTHERE" again. That said, there might be more than one clue in a given room or puzzle.

This game does not feature "pixelhunting". Everything you can click on will either look like something you can click on, or there will be a clue letting you know to click on it.

The puzzles are stored on Google servers. If your country blocks Google you will not have access to them, my apologies.

There are no clues on this page or in its source code.

Once you're ready you can go ahead and...